How We’re Going to Hawaii Twice in Less Then 6 Months

Less then 4 months ago, M and I took our first trip to Hawaii together. Three months before that, we booked our $500 tickets. That’s right, $500 roundtrip tickets per person on Delta and it was non-stop MSP to HNL.

M had never been to Hawaii before and we had discussed it a few days before we booked our trip. M was on a international business trip when I received a notification for a flight deal for $500 round trip. I immediately texted M and we decided to go for it! We booked the tickets right on Delta’s site (this wasn’t a part of some promo deal – just a flash sale Delta was running).

During that trip, we decided to spend 1/2 our trip in the Waikiki area in Oahu and then the other 1/2 primarily in the Kappa area of Kauai.  M found a great deal on tickets that cost less than $80 roundtrip/per person to fly us between Oahu and Kauai.

To be honest, we didn’t really plan well with our flights between islands and found that had we planned better we would have spent more time exploring and less time “in-travel.”

We had an nothing short of an amazing time and came back thinking we should have had more time on both of those islands. We thought that we could maybe return in the next year or two and learn from our trip as to how to better plan out travel on our future Hawaii trip (that was likely at least a year away).

As this post mentions, we are going back a second time in less than 6 months! How are we doing that? Another great flight deal popped up at the end of January 2017 (mind you… we just went in December), but this time is was a $323 roundtrip, non-stop ticket from MSP – HNL. We could not say “no” to that deal when we noticed ticket prices from MSP – HNL were often around the $1,000 mark and this was even cheaper than our first “great deal” flight out.

My friends often ask me how we can afford to travel so much. No, we are not super rich with unlimited vacation spend (but wouldn’t that be nice).

So what’s my big secret? It’s nothing special… I watch for deals. Search through airline sites, travel sites as well as subscription to blogs/websites that email out flash deals (most for FREE) like my site.

I know a lot of people pay for their vacations using credit card points/miles, but I can tell you I am not a credit card points experts/pro.

I created this site as a result of my friends and family asking me about how I get to travel so much. I hope that by sharing my experiences and tips that I can help at least one person take the trip of their dreams.

*I am not a partner with any of the businesses/companies/brands mentioned on this page. This is a post based on my experience.

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