Why Am I Sharing Flight & Travel Deals?


For years, friends have asked me how I got to travel so much and the answer used to be “easy” in the sense that I was able to travel with the benefit of “standby travel.”  As a daughter of an airline employee, I had an extremely wonderful benefit that allowed me to travel the world for extremely cheap.  I didn’t fully understand the significant costs that others had to experience when it came to airfare or travel .

Although, flying standby did not guarantee a flight or travel experience, it taught me how to be extremely flexible with traveling and gave me the passion and love for travel.  I can recall a time when I wanted to go to London for the weekend and ended up in Amsterdam due to flight availability.  Being flexible is an important part of being able to travel for cheap as travel deals often have specific date ranges.

So why create this site?  Why spend time posting deals or experiences?

I revamped my personal website when I had quickly learned about the costs involved in travel after losing my “benefits” and it was disheartening. My life felt like it took a shift when I realized I would not be able to afford the ability to travel the world.

This site isn’t just for those who are in the transition of going from “Standby Travel” to “Confirmed Ticket Travel,” but for anyone who wants to see the world.

I make my posts easy to follow and brief so you can get right to the finding the travel dates and experiences that work best for you.

What do I share? 

  • Cities where the deals are occurring and where they are going
  • Prices (often including all taxes and fees)
  • Sample Travel Dates with links that provide itinerary information so you can book right with the airline or other third party booking service

What is the cost for you to find these on my site? 

  • $0.00 (FREE).  I’m just sharing deals that are public to everyone. You don’t have to be a “member” or pay a fee to get these deals from my site.

Can I guarantee a flight deal? 

  • No, there are no guarantees that you when finally see the deal that I post that it is still active. The deals are accurate at the time of posting and these deals can last anywhere from minutes to hours to days.  I typically see deals only lasting a few hours – so if you see a deal that you want to take advantage of make sure to hop on it right away!

How do I make money on this site? 

  • At this time, I don’t.  I purposefully don’t have ads on my site and currently don’t make monetary commissions through the travel deal links I share. I am doing this so others can save money. I’ve saved money on these deals and I want others to as well.

How can you find out about these deals? 

  • Subscribe! There is a box at the bottom of my site that allows you to subscribe. Type in your email address and an email with go to your email address to confirm your subscription. Make sure you confirm this as you then be able to receive these deals right to your mailbox when I post on my site.   This will also subscribe you to any other posts I may have (travel experiences, reviews, etc).
  • Follow Me on Twitter: I share these deals on my twitter handle as well.
  • Personal Friends on Facebook: Are we friends on Facebook? I post these deals right to my personal page as well.

I post a lot of deals out of Minneapolis, are these the only deals I will post?

  • No, I will post from other cities as well, but being that my friends and I are primarily based in Minnesota (MSP – Minneapolis/St. Paul) – you may see a lot of deals right out of the MSP area.
  • I do take suggestions for places that you may be looking for a deal. Tell me where I should post deals from and I will start sharing those as well!
  • Also, just because I post a deal from MSP this doesn’t mean the deal doesn’t apply in your area for a similar price – so check your cities! 

Do you have a suggestion about something I should do on my site?


*This post is accurate as of the date & time it was posted.  

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