New FREE Offering: “Find Me a Flight Deal!”

NONSTOP (1)A lot of my deals are launched out of Minneapolis and that is due to a fact that that’s where a large base of my following is located.  I don’t want to ignore my current or prospective travel loving followers from other areas so I wanted to throw in this new, FREE and fun offering!

Introducing: Find Me a Flight Deal

What is this?  I find you a deal! What does this mean example? You send me whatever information you want and I do my best to find you a flight deal.  You can send any of the following:

  • Departure Airport
  • Travel destination
  • Dates/months of travel
  • Number of days for travel
  • Preferred airlines

Example Message:

Hey Nicole! I’m looking to get to Paris sometime in the fall for 5 – 8 days! I have no preference on airline and will be flying out of Minneapolis. Any deals you’re aware of?

Where do I send my request to? You will message them directly to my facebook page when it’s “Find Me a Flight Deal” time.

How much does it cost me? Absolutely nothing. Seriously, no fee. All I do ask is that you either like” my facebook page or subscribe to my site using the form at the bottom of my page (all you need is to add your email address).

What’s in it for Nicole? I love searching for flight deals and helping my followers get to the places they want for cheap. I do NOT make a commission or any money from this.  I am truly doing this to help others travel more!

When does this happen? To start, I’m going to do this one to two days a week for a few hours.  I will share when these are happening via my facebook page, instagram, twitter or via email subscription, but it will vary which platform it’s posted from so I recommend giving us a follow on all of them.

So does this mean you will find me a flight deal? I can’t guarantee anything, but I will try my best. Flight prices are determined by the airlines and I don’t have any special discounts, I just search and search and search in hopes of finding you a deal that you’re looking for.

Have you done this before? Yup – I do it all the time for my friends and now I want to spread this perk to my followers!  Some of my favorite deals I’ve found my friends are $500 to Tokyo, $323 to Hawaii and $450 to Amsterdam (all roundtrip flights).  I have also done some of these right on my facebook page recently on the fly!

Have any other questions? Feel free to message me!

So make sure to follow and subscribe to alerted of upcoming “Find Me a Flight Deal” message time slots!

*HINT* The next event is tomorrow, Thursday, March 8th from 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM CT.  You can subscribe to the event on Facebook. 

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