Connect with Nonstop Nicole For More Access to Travel Deals, Tricks & Tips

NONSTOP (2).pngI’ve gotten a few messages lately asking me how about how to connect with Nonstop Nicole on various platforms (especially since my site name has changed) and I wanted to update everyone on the various places you connect with me, Nonstop Nicole!

Ways to connect with Nonstop Nicole:

Why is my twitter name different? Unfortunately, someone took the name “nonstopnicole” on Twitter years ago and although the marketer in me didn’t want to create a brand when the social media handles weren’t available… I figured I cut my losses with this one as I just loved the name “Nonstop Nicole” way too much.

Anyhow, if you’re interested in getting more access to flight deals, travel hacks, tips and experiences I would highly recommend following any or all of the sites mentioned above, especially my website.  Make sure you’re subscribed to get FREE notifications of flight deals.

And don’t forget, I now offer “Find Me a Deal” for FREE on my social media platforms listed above during “Find Me a Deal” times!


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