Announcement: Nicole Joins Thrifty Traveler!

A few weeks ago, I announced that changes were coming with Nonstop Nicole and now I have another exciting update. I am so very thrilled to announce that I am joining the team with my absolute favorite travel site, Thrifty Traveler!

I’ve mentioned Thrifty Traveler a few times in previous posts and even had my post, Being on an Oversold Flight Made Me $600, featured on their site a few months back. But let me break this down a bit further for you all and what it means for Nonstop Nicole!

What is Thrifty Traveler?


Thrifty Traveler is a travel site that helps destination seekers travel for cheap! Whether it’s a too-good-to-be-true flight deal (like the ones we feature here on Nonstop Nicole) or tips and tricks on using Credit Card points to fly First Class for Free, Thrifty Traveler is helping travelers like us see the world for way less! Thrifty Traveler shares flight deals from across the U.S. all day on both their website and social media channels like Facebook. They also have a Premium Subscription service that sends the flight deals right to your mailbox (like a recent deal from Minneapolis to Hawaii for $301 roundtrip and nonstop on Delta)!

Why is Nicole joining the Thrifty Traveler team?

I’m passionate about travel and so are they! We have a lot in common, but the most important reason I’m joining team TT is that we all want to help others get to their dream destinations for a fraction of the cost. The Thrifty Traveler team shares deals from all across the U.S. to any where in the world where as my site is primarily focused on the Minneapolis area and I am only able to share deals in my spare time. By joining the Thrifty Traveler team, I am able to continue to help share travel deals, tips and tricks, but with even more support and resources than before.

What does this mean for Nonstop Nicole?

This doesn’t mean I’ll stop sharing deals, tricks or content as I will continue to take care of my amazing friends, family and followers. Every once and a while you may see me highlight a deal from Thrifty Traveler or an article, but don’t worry, I’m not going away!

Should Nonstop Nicole’s Followers follow Thrifty Traveler?

Yes, yes, absolutely yes! Thrifty Traveler has fresh content every day, amazing flight deals that are in almost every city, and even has a credit card consulting option (for those who are looking to get into the Points & Miles world). They have a FREE daily email that you can subscribe to that brings deals and travel news right to your email.


I’ll be providing more information in the near future, but in the meantime, check out Thrifty Traveler and let me know what you think! Comment or send me a message on my facebook!

Keep traveling, Nonstop Nicole

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  1. What! This is amazing!!
    Kelli Schutrop Sent from my iPhone


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