I Booked a Trip for Two to the Azores for Under $500

I originally shared this post on Thrifty Traveler, but wanted to share with my followers as it’s a great success story of how I saved money using Thrifty Traveler’s Premium service! 

We’re going to the beautiful Azores in a few months and I cannot wait. It’s been a highlighted destination on travel sites over the past year, and I need to share with you how my boyfriend Mike and I are going to this amazing destination for less than $500 total. I’ll give you a hint, it’s all thanks to Thrifty Traveler Premium!

First, I want to start out by saying that we booked two roundtrip tickets and our lodging for one week in the Azores for under $500 total!  What? How can this be? Did you get scammed? Did you have to book this through a travel agency?  Nope, we booked directly with Delta and Airbnb and in this post, I will outline exactly how we were able to do this.

Booking Cheap Flights From a SkyMiles Flash Sale

Back in November, the Thrifty Traveler team posted a deal to their website and Facebook page noting that Delta was having a flash sale for 30K SkyMiles from Minneapolis to the Azores.  Typically, it may cost around 60K miles per person to get to Europe, so we knew we had to jump on this deal.  I am glad we did, as it was gone within hours. In total we spent only 60K SkyMiles and $114.92 for the taxes and fees total for our roundtrip airfare (for two). 

Using a Promo Code for Airbnb 

Just a few days after booking our flights, I received a notification from my Thrifty Traveler Premium membership of a promo code for $200 off an Airbnb booking.  I immediately took action and used the promo code to book a stunning house for the upcoming trip. The original cost for the seven night stay was $579.65. However, with the promo code, the final cost for our rental was only $373.65!

Key Takeaways

Bottom Line

We are really excited to make this trip in the coming months and will be sharing some of our favorite moments on instagram! However, we might be even more excited for how cheap we were able to book our travels. Aspirational travel doesn’t have to break the bank, and I hope our success story inspires you to take action.


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