MSP Flight Delays & A Friendly Reminder

UPDATE 9:36 PM: Getting close to a cleared runway!


UPDATE 5:32 PM: They are now hoping to clear runways by 9:00 PM.


We’ve got some crazy weather in Minneapolis today. With blizzard conditions, I am not surprised that there are significant delays with flight travel in or out of the MSP (Minneapolis/St. Paul) airport.

MSP Airport’s Twitter feed shared that flight operations have halted and that they hope to resume later this evening.

Now I know most of my followers may not be traveling through MSP airport today (although I actually know quite a few that will be including Mike), I wanted to take this time to send a reminder to my followers about how to handle these situations.

Don’t Forget:

Dealing with a flight delay or cancellation is never any fun and can put a major damper on travel plans.  I get it… it can be frustrating when you are just trying to get home to see your family, fly to a luxury destination to celebrate your anniversary, or just get the heck out of wherever you are, but you have to remember that things happen and it is definitely not the fault of the airline team members trying to help you. 

The flight attendants, gate agents, customer service representatives and other team members want you to get to where you want to be at the time you expected to get there.  They do not want flight delays, cancellations or to interrupt your travel plans.

NONSTOP (7)These may be stressful times for you, but I can promise you they even more stressful for them. They do their very best to get you to where they can. So instead of yelling at them about a two-hour flight delay, getting a middle seat on your rebooked flight, or having to reschedule you for the next day because no flights are flying out on the day you were supposed to due to a blizzard… tell them “Thank you” for all they do and their efforts to help you.

From me to everyone working today on issues related to the flight delays (or just any travel issue), thank you for doing your part in helping passengers get to their final destinations safely.  I appreciate all you do for travelers like me! 

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