cropped-581978_10151580352064974_1850106885_n.jpgI’m Nikki.

As a daughter of an airline employee, I grew up with the wonderful benefit of “standby travel.”    This gave me the opportunity to be fortunate enough to travel the world on a whim. It also has significant influence on my love for traveling and exploring the world.

When I had those (honestly amazing) travel benefits, I would often book a trip to Europe for a weekend extremely last minute or just take a chance on a quick getaway. Friends would often ask if I wanted to go to on a trip with them the next day and I would most likely have said “Yes” and quickly turned in my “time-off” form.  But then came a time where I would no longer be able to access and enjoy the travel benefits I once had.

cropped-n-b-7.pngIt immediately hit me what the costs were for me to be able to travel and this meant that I would need to find a way to continue to travel the way that I wanted.

After a bit of research, I discovered travel sites that provided information on quick deals that I could book that would help me continue the world traveling lifestyle that I love.

This site is a place to follow not just my travels, but to find some tips, tricks and deals along the way.  I hope you join me as I travel the world and not just by following me, but hopefully taking some of these trips on your own and telling us about it. 

The goal of this site is to help others with their travels. How can I do that? Hopefully by sharing travel deals, recommendations for things to do or share travel experiences.

Do you have a travel experience you want to share? Please share it! Send me a message through the contact form below.